Hypnosis as a therapy

Hypnosis is an ancient healing procedure. The first ascertained proofs date back to 6000 years ago.

Hypnosis was used to tranquillise patients before an operation until the advent of the laughing gas in the 19th century. Hypnosis was also used in pain therapies.

The term “hypnosis” derives from the Greek word “hypnos” that means “sleep”. However, hypnosis is not really sleeping, but rather the state between sleep and wakefulness.

As already described with Theta Healing, a quite particular brain frequency wave also predominates during hypnosis. It can be even found again in the area of Theta. That is the same state in which we naturally find ourselves at the time of sleeping and awaking. The hypnotiser deepens this state and maintains it stable during the whole session. The consciousness is sturdily restricted depending on the depth of hypnosis.

Thus, there is now full access to the subconscious. The individual is now open to and ready for changes. These can occur much faster thanks to hypnosis as the mind is shut off. We are controlled 95 % by our subconscious. Since consciousness is shut off under hypnosis, profound changes are fast and long lasting. These do not only occur on a psychological level, but can also affect the body.

Before hypnosis there is usually a conversation whereby suggestions are agreed. Suggestions are words that reach the subconscious and are responsible for changes.

During hypnosis, external stimuli are not perceived; whereas at waking state external stimuli are well perceived and more overwhelming than what we wish.

The state of consciousness changes during hypnosis, though only during the process; and returns back to normal immediately after the session. That means that it is possible to perceive everything with consciousness like before hypnosis. It is not possible to stay in hypnosis for a long time.

The changes that occur during hypnosis are long lasting. However, it is possible that events occurring after hypnosis overlap with the changes and these can either be altered or removed.

Through hypnosis great successes are scored – sometimes already after one session or immediately after the session. However, as in all naturopathic treatments, also here no promises of healing can be made.

I do not make any promises of healing, do not administer medicines and make no diagnoses. The treatment of this method does not replace a visit to a doctor or a naturopath.


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