About Meryem

Meryem Moutaoukkil

She combines her spiritual knowledge with the normal way of thinking, hence reaching people on their different levels. Her therapeutic work addresses patients of all ages and gender. She wishes to assist anyone who asks for help. For this reason, she does not draw any distinctions between her patients’ classes. Even those who have little money can ask Meryem for help. She comes to meet people in such situations.

Meryem Moutaouakil was born in Morocco in 1971 and raised by a very simple and religious family. Her father was already a spiritual healer and shaman. She went to a sport school in Morocco and finally graduated as an official PE teacher and studied musical, theatre and jazz dancing.

She became champion of Morocco of the 400-metre hurdles as well as singer and dancer. At the age of 18 she left her country to spend one and half year in Tunisia, where she worked as animator in different tourist centres.

Her next stop during her journey was Germany. She settled in Berlin where she still lives today. At the beginning she worked in gastronomy and as a dancer and singer. Meryem even took the step to open her own artist’s agency. She raised her two kids alone who were already artistically active. She became a dubbing actress and also worked as trained masseuse. Because of this constant high stress she became sick. Because of problems related to her son’s puberty and always-recurrent migraine that affected her she began to look at possibilities that could help her solve her physical and emotional conflicts. Systemic Constellation, mirror work and sensitivity training turned out to be very effective methods. During a 2-year training she learnt all about them in order to be able to set up constellations herself. Thus, she went through her own processes and so found access to her own power.

Theta Healing was what extraordinarily contributed to her healing. She became enthusiastic about this method right from the very beginning. Thanks to her belief in God she could immediately embrace Theta Healing.

Meryem recognised so that her call was in this. She supported and helped people who were ready to go through their own processes. She worked with intuition and clarity. She rediscovered these gifts through Theta Healing. Thanks to her broad abilities, it is always possible for her to help in the given situation appropriately. She follows her intuition and divine guidance. In such instances, she serves as a channel of God, the universe, the source or however you wish to call it. She thanks her particular gifts and abilities for her extraordinary success. She takes the right time for each and every patient, who is always offered a calm, secure and well-structured course with the right methods that the given situation requires.